Private Lessons & Small Group Training

Focus: 1 vs 1 Moves, dribbling, ball mastery, juggling, shooting and specialized technical training. We want your player to become a Magician with the ball and a creative, elegant player of the game.

Time/Duration: 1 hour sessions ( 75 OR 90 MIN SESSIONS OPTIONAL )

Number of players: Private lessons are meant to have a small ratio in order to maximize repetitions and learning. We work with one to six players per session. You can bring in a small group on your own, or we can try to place you with an existing group of your players similar skill set, or simply be on your own.


01 Player $65
02 Player $50 (each player)
03 Player $45 (each player)
04 Player $40 (each player)
05 Player $35 (each player)
06 Player $30 (each player)


Email us to book your Private Lessons or Small Group Training now: