Magical Soccer Moves

"Thank you! Wouldn't be where I am today without you! "

Benjamin Krolczyk - former player


"I can't even tell you how many touches each player gets with the ball per practice. This is coaching at its best!"

-Marco Tassara - parent

The Futsal Show

"I have 3 children in San Diego club soccer, 1 girl and 2 boys all under the age of 12. Having

signed them up for various futsal drop-in play and clinics I never felt the level got beyond basic ball control and kick-around level. Until friends of ours recommended Coach Danny Madrigal and TSFA-The Futsal Show because of the fundamental futsal skills and tactics (relying on the sole of the foot, playing in a diamond formation, staying light on your feet, etc) are explained clearly and then expected during matches/drills. We signed up for the Fall and Spring futsal sessions in 2016/17 as well as the Winter 619 futsal season and I have seen all 3 of my kids grow in skill and confidence in terms of footwork and vision in tight spaces that has translated to success with their full field squads. My kids are not the best players on their club teams but they are in the top third and they play with an offense-minded creativity that has been learned through hours on the hard surface. I recommend and will continue to recommend Danny's TSFA-The Futsal Show to all the soccer parents we meet at the club level."

~S. Dann - parent


"Through their personable and positive development program, Coach Danny Madrigal and the TSFA coaching team have improved our daughter's soccer skills (through futsal training) but mostly, they motivate our daughter to practice on her own by instilling a love for the game and the desire to further enhance her techniques."

Thanks, Nga