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Soccer can be such a beautiful sport when played properly The elegance of a team that is able to connect perfectly timed passes as it controls the tempo of the game The sparkle in every spectators` eye as they witness a player maneuvering the ball with their feet past three defenders The patience of knowing when and where to exploit the open space The joy that one feels when the ball is struck, passed, flicked, scooped, chipped, or curled into the back of the net In Brazil, this style of soccer is known as Jogo Bonito (beautiful play) I simply refer to it as Magical Soccer

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We are a soccer training company in Southern California committed to developing our country's future creative & exciting players.
The U.S. needs a shift in the level of soccer that is being played and trained. We focus on the individuals mastery of the ball. This encompasses all technical aspects of player and ball.
Our philosophy and Methodology is based and inspired on skillsets possessed by Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi & Neymar. Our training will teach and inspire our students ~ they will become skillful, creative, inventive and intelligent soccer players. Our players will become 1 V 1 artists!

We combine small sided soccer, futsal and street soccer to develop technically gifted players. In short, we are looking to Revolutionize our future soccer players individual skill and feel on the ball.
Come express yourself on the field and court with Magical Soccer Moves Academy


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