Danny started playing at the tender age of four. He managed to score four goals in his first official match at age five. Danny scored his first of three bicycle kick goals as a U9 player. A Bicycle kick is known as an overhead kick in mid-air. For description of what a bicycle kick looks like, please refer to the logo on top left corner of this page.

At 12, Danny entered a juggling contest against U18 players. He won by keeping the ball up 1084 times without dropping it. His youth soccer years saw him become State Cup, Regional Cup and 3rd place winner in U.S. Nationals. During his high school years he won 2 league titles; a player of the year award, scored 30 goals in his senior year alone, and then was invited to train with Pro – Team “San Diego Sockers” during the off season. Danny went on to play for San Diego Mesa and Division 1 college soccer at Creighton University on a soccer scholarship.

In 1999 Creighton made it to the elite eight by beating UCLA, the returning National Champions.

In 2000 Danny was picked up in the 1st round draft by the Milwaukee Rampage Pro – outdoor team. Danny was then called up to the Chicago Fire team but during the end of training camp Danny suffered a career ending concussion and shifted his focus to playing futsal.

Danny played for Kansas City’s Super Futsal Team where they became the 2007 U.S. National Men's Champions. Later that summer Danny represented the U.S. and played in the World Cup of Pro Club Futsal Teams in Portugal where he got to play against Falcao, the #1 Futsal player in the world for the past decade.

“Skillful moves have always been a part of my game. When I was five, I saw an interview of Pele…. The Michael Jordan of soccer.... on a Mexican television program. Pele told the audience that Brazilian soccer players are known for their wonderful skills. Then a video highlighting the Brazilians performing their crafty moves came on. From that point on, following that video, anything and everything in my environment became an opponent to dribble around. I would dribble past chairs, large rocks, my dog, trees, etc. Mastering the ball has influenced the way I play.”

Danny has played internationally in Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Hungary, Canada, Portugal and Denmark. Below you will find a 2 minute video highlighting Danny in action while playing in Brazil, Creighton University and Chicago.


In 1995 Danny broke the goal scoring record at Chula Vista High School by netting in 30 goals. Not only did this bring him recognition as a player but also as a future skills and scoring coach.
A soccer camp director invited Danny to become a part of their summer camp staff.
Since then, Danny continued coaching camps, clinics and club at the youth level, all while continuing to play as a college and pro player.
“Throughout my years of coaching and playing, I have been fortunate to pick up a variety of exercises, drills and coaching philosophies from National and International experiences.”
“I grew up playing indoor, outdoor, 3 v 3, beach soccer, soccer tennis, street soccer and futsal. I use everything that I’ve learned from all these variations of our beautiful sport, when coaching my teams and players.”
Danny’s players are recognized as creative, skillful, technical, entertaining players. His teams have won local leagues, Regional leagues, local and regional tournaments. He has coached 4 U.S. National Futsal Championships.
Three of Danny’s players have moved on to play for the MLS Academy Teams.
Two of Danny’s female youth players are now playing pro in Europe and in the U.S.
Two of Danny’s male youth players are now playing for the U.S. National teams program
Most of Danny’s players have moved on to play collegiate soccer

“Watching my players execute their 1 v 1 moves, trapping balls elegantly out of the air, connecting 30, 40, 50 yards passes with precision, striking with fury and elegance while under pressure in a big match is what brings me joy. My goal is to have every player of mine play with passion, confidence, swagger and determination from the first minute until the final whistle.”

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"I can't even tell you how many touches each player gets with the ball per practice. This is coaching at its best!"

Marco Tassara - parent

"Thank you! Wouldn't be where I am today without you! "

Benjamin Krolczyk - former player